Exceptional quality, function and design tailored to your needs.

Kitchen Icon specializes in consultancy, contracting & design services for catering facilities, with years of experience servicing fine dining restaurants, cafes, chain stores and hotels. As a kitchen contractor for professional kitchens and food & bever-age facilities, we take pride in supplying best-in-class kitchen solu-tions suited to the specific needs of the establishment. Supported by qualified engineers who provide accurate Equipment & Maintenance information for the Client, we are also well acquainted with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) as well as with International Building Codes for commercial kitchens.


Consultancy & Design

Our professionals provide complete support for the Client from the initial feasibility study to the tendering and construction stage. Our thorough study ensures the proposed design plans can be translated into high quality and stylish kitchen solutions which conform to government and industry regulations.


Build & Installation

Our teams provide complete service from building to contracting. Our experience and extensive industry network ensure exceptional installation and craftsmanship by professional technicians in disciplines including Gas, Electrical, Plumbing, Ventilation and Refrigeration systems. Our teams’ dedication and careful planning ensure our clients’ projects complete according to schedule.


Equipment & Maintenance

With our experience come an extensive knowledge of each equipment kitchen equipment brand and their many models. We are extremely confident in our understanding of the wide range of kitchen solutions to recommend the most appropriate top-of-the-line products to our valued clients.

In addition, we provide responsive after-sales or maintenance service for select brands. Our techni-cians are licensed and expertly trained in Gas Elec-trical, Plumbing, Ventilation and Refrigeration systems, ensuring any issues are resolved in a manner least obstructive to a kitchen’s operation.